The Jersey Shore Cookbook

The Jersey Shore Cookbook is more than just a collection of exciting recipes from some of New Jersey’s most beloved Jersey Shore restaurants and eateries.

This book delivers a slice of life from the restaurants in and around the glorious beaches and boardwalks we all love along with the inside scoop on where to sit, what to order, when to get there before the crowds and more, gently squeezed out of the locals and restaurateurs just for you.

You’ll also read about the effects of Superstorm Sandy on nearly every establishment in the book and what it took to come back after the devastation.

I wrote this book over the summer of 2015, during the busiest time of year for these restaurants. They provided their recipes in any way they could: via email, by text, and even by way of ahandwritten, scanned notebook page. It was a hectic three months and now, as we launch into spring 2016, we’re looking toward another hectic—but fun!—summer ahead.

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Lastly, I would love to hear from you as you discover the restaurants in this book or create one of the many, delicious dishes. Please send your photos, share them on Jersey Shore Cookbook's socialaccounts, which are all linked from this website. Use the hashtag #JerseyShoreCookbook to qualify for some fun prizes!

Deborah Smith
The Jersey Shore Cookbook